Go Pro Baseball Wise: Minor League Memories


These chapters give you an inside look at the minor league lifestyle throughout an entire season in pro baseball.

"In the minor leagues we can teach baseball skills but heart and desire are the most important. That's what will help young players adjust to minor league baseball and have successful pro baseball careers."
— Harmon Killebrew,
member, Hall of Fame


Now I Know How Casey Felt
Memories of a Minor League Season
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INTRODUCTION: Memories of a season in minor league baseball

ONE: Look Ma, I'm a pro baseball player! (June 23-June 24)

TWO: Minor league baseball IS a game of adjustments! (June 25-July 6)

THREE: Oh, those minor league bus rides! (July 7-July 18)

FOUR: Only in Minor League Baseball! (July 19-July 30)

FIVE: The "dog days of August" shouldn't happen to a dog! (July 31-August 13)

SIX: Speaking of peaks and valleys… (August 14-September 2)

SEVEN: The Playoffs (September 3-September 4)

EPILOGUE: Life after the Northwest League

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